A game-changing hub of activity.

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The Landing was home to Fort Wayne’s first post office, theatre and hotel. It was on The Landing that our community first became a county, a township—even a city.

Somewhere along the way, vitality left The Landing.

Well, vitality is making a comeback.

For years, our residents have dreamt of what The Landing could be.

The place to meet.
The place to dine.
The place to work.
The place to play.
The place to live.
The place to be.

With remarkable architecture and enormous potential, The Landing is emblematic of our community’s investment in its urban core—with a density of activity, a growing population, and a distinctly Fort Wayne flavor.

Development of The Landing will include unique, mostly local retail and restaurants, a coffee shop and brewpub—all destination-worthy. It will be home to 70 new apartments, and the energy of new and entrepreneur-filled office space.

The Landing: at one time, the busiest street in Fort Wayne. Sometimes, history does repeat itself.